We provide mentoring, after school programs, scholarship and numerous life changing programs.


We receive our funding from wonderful people who believes in the same mission as we do.


As a parent or guardian of a child who lost their loved one, you may feel ill equipped on what to say or how to provide support.

OVER 20 million CHILDREN

Have lost their parents due to drug overdose or/& fatal illness leaving behind single mothers or fathers to care for their families.  Of those families, 60% report having trouble making ends meet.  But there is help and by the generous donation we can make a difference.


Our success is founded on support from generous individuals, foundations, and corporations just like you. Together, we can support hundreds of students during their college and vocational education. Learn more about how you can support Daniel Michaud Foundation today.

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Want to raise money for children in grief but aren’t sure how?

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campaigns, events and experiences that have the passion to help children in need.

Share Your Story

For a single parent in grief, we want you to share your story.

To those who have “been there,” who need to tell their story so that others can learn from it. Help other cope with the grief of losing a love one. Each story can help.